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What Does it Take to Become an ISP

Money is the short answer!

But to go into further details, you will need a computer to handle all the services required - netnews, E-mail, web service, etc. You will also need a router, a DSU/CSU, some modems and a way to connect the modems to the system, i.e., multiport board, terminal server or a communications server.

What hardware you use and how it is configured has a great influence on the capacity and performance of your site. The computer can be used to do the router function. Saves money initially, but severely limits the capacity of the system. Multiport boards or terminal servers are one way to get many modems connected to the system, but, again, this severely limits the capacity of the system.

The computer will need an operating system and lots of additional software to perform all those functions. The vast majority (95%+) of all ISP's are running some flavor of Unix - as do we.

Because you will have multiple users doing multiple tasks each, the OS MUST be secure, multitasking, and multiuser. This eliminates DOS and Microsoft Windows, Linux (a variant of Unix) is probably the most commonly used Operating System today (Google uses thousands of them).

Many have asked us about NT because they have been told this is a much easier OS to learn and use. If you insist on NT, you are on your own.

Building an ISP business

There are Three Ways to Start an ISP Site:
  • Build it from scratch, hardware and software. We will give you the software, FREE
  • Build the hardware, buy the software. We will sell you the software.
  • Buy the entire System.

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