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InterRack ISP Systems

InterRack ISP is a truly turn-key system for the beginning Internet Service Provider. In a single rackmount enclosure (6' tall), it contains top-quality components designed for flawless performance in the ISP environment: CPU, Disk, Tape Backup, Router, DSU/CSU, Communication Server, Modem Bank, UPS. Hundreds of programs providing complete Internet functionality and security, tied together with the powerful SuSE Professional Linux operating system.

The system is sized to your specifications, assembled and certified in our offices, then delivered to your site by an experienced installer. Your InterRack ISP system is generally ready to take on customers the day after your installer arrives! This means anything your customers want to do on the Internet: Browse the Web, host a website, read/post mail, Usenet Newsgroups, FTP, Telnet - everything the Internet has to offer.

The system pictured at the right supports four Primary Rate Interfaces (PRI) which will handle either 92 56k analog, 92 64k ISDN, or 46 128K bonded ISDN connections. By way of comparison, the first ISP system we installed in 1995 shown here only supported a maximum of 48 analog dialup lines and had little room for expansion with adding another rack.

Don't worry if you're new to the ISP business; Celestial Software is behind you every step of the way. We train you on the operation of the system, and include the first year of our acclaimed remote support package with your InterRack ISP system. We get automatic daily reports on the condition of your system, and we're available to step in with technical assistance when you ask -- all at no additional charge!

To get an idea of what it will cost and how much it can earn, we have prepared a cost estimator that not only gi ve you the cost, but, total income potential and profit potential. NOTE: This estimator does not include your salary nor office rent.

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